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Living Water Fellowship of Leesburg, is a Spirit-filled church on September 2015. We are part of Living Water Network of Churches, which is under the leadership of Pastor Terry & Debbie Howell. We, Pastor Josh and Lisa Ryan, recently transitioned from Family Life Pastor at Bethel Church (Tampa, FL) and have answered God's calling on our lives to be church planters. Lake County has always been near and dear to our hearts and after much prayer have set our hearts on Leesburg Florida. God has confirmed his will, confirmation after confirmation, and now we beginning the journey.


Our mission: To bring life to Leesburg, Florida with the living water of Jesus Christ, through fellowship with each other and God and service in the community.


One might ask: Why does Leesburg need another Church? Leesburg is a fast growing community with 30% of its population being young adult/families. There are 21,142 people in the City of Leesburg alone. Roughly 60% of that population does not attend church or consider themselves to be a Christian. Statistically, church plants are effective in winning the lost for Christ. We have an evangelist heart and long to see lost souls saved. Our desire is to see the un- churched and disconnected find Jesus. We desire to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, loved and adopted into the family of believers. We desire to see the people of Leesburg experience life changing God encounters in the beautiful city of Leesburg, Florida. 




1. Community Outreaches: Every month we will adopt a block or business and serve in any way possible.


2. Powerful Worship Services: We will prayerfully and intentionally plan our services to give people an opportunity to experience God through intimate worship.


3. Powerful preaching of the word of God, without compromise and inspired by the Holy Spirit.


4. Fellowship groups: We will have a variety of fellowship groups to promote relationship-based discipleship.


5. Growth Discipleship: Offer resources to train and encourage passionate followers of Christ. This process will begin when someone first makes the decision to commit their life to Jesus and continue until they reach their final destination in a life-changing ministry of their own. We desire to lead them step- by-step encouraging growth and fulfilling leadership roles.


6.  Business Networking: We will focus on interacting with the community every week; our sole purpose is to reach every aspect of life including schools and businesses. This can be done through business networking. 



We know that God has big plans for our beloved city and we look forward to being his hands and feet impacting the lost in ways only God could imagine. 


Pastor Josh and Lisa Ryan

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